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Generative AI

  • Customized Content
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Expert Guidance
  • Taught On Location
  • in Dutch 🇳🇱 or English 🇬🇧

Workship topic examples

How to custom AI
for those with a technical mindset

how to ChatGPT
for all the copywriters & content managers

discover various tools for image generation
for those with an interest in visual design

text/image to video, generating voice-overs
for those who like to experiment, and content creators

combining various AI tools to fit your branding needs
for digital marketers & brand managers

With AI technology developing at breakneck speed, there are always more topics to cover!

Tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll develop a workshop, totally tailor-made.

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600 / workshop
  • 1 speaker
  • +/-20 attendees
  • Expert Sessions
  • Dutch 🇳🇱 or English 🇬🇧
  • At your company location
  • Customized content


1200 / workshop
  • 2 speakers
  • +/-50 attendees
  • Expert Sessions
  • Dutch 🇳🇱 or English 🇬🇧 or French 🇫🇷
  • At your company location
  • Customized content


1800 – 3000 / workshop
  • 3-5 speakers
  • +/- 150 attendees
  • Expert Sessions
  • Dutch 🇳🇱 or English 🇬🇧 or French 🇫🇷
  • At your company location
  • Customized content
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Tailored Gen AI Workshop

Ask for a quote or just get in touch.

    Stand tall and see beyond with AI!

    Workshop team

    Dennis Lippens

    Dries De Geyter

    Geert Van Boven

    Bo Smet

    Greg Scheirlinckx

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    Satisfied Customers

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    Speed up growth

    1. Rapid Prototyping: Generative AI quickly creates new designs and solutions, enabling faster innovation and response to market trends.
    2. Customized Real-Time Solutions: It generates tailored outputs for specific needs, enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency.
    3. Streamlined Content Creation: From articles to designs, generative AI produces diverse content swiftly, maintaining quality and brand consistency.
    4. Efficient Decision-Making: By simulating various scenarios, it aids in quicker, informed decision-making.
    5. Automating Complex Tasks: Tasks like coding and data analysis are expedited, reducing errors and saving time.

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    Who should attend?

    Learn to use Generative AI for crafting innovative content and strategies in digital communications.

    Discover how Generative AI can enhance personalized marketing campaigns and content creation.

    Explore strategic applications of Generative AI for decision-making and competitive positioning.

     Use Generative AI for producing diverse, engaging written content efficiently.

    See how Generative AI can revolutionize design processes, creating unique visual experiences.

    Understand how Generative AI can modernize talent management and employee engagement.

    Explore Generative AI’s potential in driving business innovation and product development.

     Learn about leveraging Generative AI for enhanced product development and user experience.

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    Unleash Innovative Growth

    1. Stay Ahead: Understand cutting-edge AI trends
    2. Skill Building: Acquire valuable, marketable AI skills
    3. Innovation Insight: Gain insights into AI-driven innovation
    4. Problem Solving: Enhance problem-solving with AI tools
    5. Industry Relevance: Stay relevant in an AI-centric world

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    Lean Mean Learning Machine

    Kogelstraat 12, 9000 Gent (Belgium)

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    AI Wisdom

    Just as an owl navigates the night with sharp insight, our AI workshops equip businesses to master the complexities of modern technology and market trends. AI offers deep data insights, enabling precise decision-making and foresight. These workshops are a gateway to understanding and leveraging AI’s potential, ensuring businesses stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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